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Virtualization: The Top 5 Benefits

In the lexicon of Cloud computing, server virtualization fills the IaaS, infrastructure as a service, niche. Customers who opt to jettison their power- and space-hungry local servers essentially subscribe to outsourced server space. The expertise of professional IT providers, like Xecunet,  who look after everything... Read More

The True Cost of a Phone System Failure

Companies today rely upon their communication infrastructure for their daily operations. Phone systems are the backbone to many businesses, allowing for the communication between employees, with prospective clients, and to service existing clientele. It only stands to reason that the failure of these phone systems... Read More

Why Should You Use a Data Center?

Businesses with a strong online presence face many unique challenges, such as expense management, system design, and maintaining physical space. However, online applications come with an additional set of considerations. These considerations often revolve around how your expenses compare to your assets and profits. Essentially, you... Read More