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High-Quality, Customized Cabling Solutions

Cable Assemblies

Xecunet manufactures cables and harnesses for a wide variety of applications. Our number one goal is to find solutions for your cabling needs.

We offer rapid turnaround/prototype cables, standard cables, wire harnesses, and even custom cables. No job is too big or small with Xecunet’s domestic and offshoring manufacturing capabilities. We also offer testing capabilities directly off of our Frederick, MD manufacturing line to ensure that we match your specs for form, fit, and function.

What You Get Working with Xecunet:

High-Quality Products

You deserve top-notch cabling. Xecunet can supply you with high-quality materials and cabling solutions. Not only has Xecunet been a key supplier of cables for over 32 years, but we can also provide you with a proven track record in co-design with our customers. We can provide you with suggestions for alternative materials, design configurations and ultimately potential cost savings based on our extensive expertise.

At Xecunet, we value compliance with all regulations. We are 100% compliant with the avoidance and elimination of counterfeit materials so you only receive the highest-quality materials from our manufacturing line. Our high-quality materials and excellent service have made us the chosen supplier for global OEMs for cable, connectors, and all associated materials. We also value full understanding and compliance to ROHS requirements.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Every company is unique. Sometimes, cabling needs are, too. Whether you just need a standard cable or custom solutions, Xecunet can help you find the right solution.

Are you looking for a commonly utilized cable, wire, or connector? We maintain a standing inventory of commonly-used cables to meet your needs.  Xecunet will even buy and hold materials to meet blanket order or multiple year contracts.

With Xecunet’s flexible manufacturing capabilities and established relationships with qualified offshore contractors, we’re happy to develop the right manufacturing processes for your cable design as based on drawings or prototype sketches.

Rapid Turnarounds

Having a long wait time for your cabling solution can severely slow down your project. You deserve a fast turnaround time, not lost productivity.

Xecunet has the ability to quickly identify & recruit additional manpower as the need arises to meet your needs as fast as possible. We put our long-term established relationships with off-shore contractors to work for you.

Additional Services

  • Small Custom Orders: Our Motto is and has always been “no order is too small”. Co-Engineering with our customers to achieve the most logical solution is just one of the many services we provide.
  • Large Production Requirements:
    • ISO certified and ROHS compliant offshore manufacturing capabilities to meet your high volume requirements
    • Custom molding to meet your unique design requirements are available
    • Propriety data/technical information
    • Safeguards and non-disclosure agreements in force
  • Bulk Inventory: Standing inventory for most commonly utilized wire and cable, connector types, shrink tubing, and other components needed to manufacture assemblies.
  • Managed IT Services