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Get Affordable, Powerful, and Reliable VPS Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Virtual Private Servers

Get VPS Hosting to Build Your Business.

We offer packaged and custom VPS hosting solutions to meet the demands of any business infrastructure.

Hosting features include:
  • High-performance, geographically-redundant server clusters.
  • Snapshot backups.
  • Robust storage powered by NetApp.
We can:
  • Create virtual racks and VLAN’s consisting of cloud-based assets and existing customer hardware.
  • Migrate OS and data from customer servers to the xCloud environment.
  • Lease Microsoft products on a monthly basis to equip you with updated software at a low cost.
Hosting Plan Cores RAM Storage Bandwidth
LEVEL 1  1 1GB 30GB 1TB
LEVEL 2  2 2GB 50GB 1.5TB
LEVEL 3  4 4GB 100GB 2TB
LEVEL 4  8 8GB (SSD HD) 200GB 3TB
LEVEL 5  12 16GB (SSD HD) 350GB 3TB
LEVEL 6  24 32GB (SSD HD) 600GB 3TB

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