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Save your Business Money and Boost Productivity with VoIP

Save your business money and boost productivity with VoIPMaking the Switch to VOIP can Save your Business Money and Boost Productivity

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows you to use your existing Internet connection to make phone calls, have video conferences and run your business communications in an affordable way. VoIP makes it possible to eliminate your costly phone bills and offers a wide range of benefits for most businesses as well. For most companies, a switch to VOIP can eliminate the need for a traditional phone service entirely, making it an excellent way to improve security and portability while reducing costs. The biggest benefits of switching to VoIP for most businesses are lowered costs and expanded services – which lead to increased productivity.

Saving Money with VoIP

Monthly Savings: Hosted VoIP cloud solutions from providers such as Altigen or Nextiva is handled over your existing Internet connection, so you will not have to pay to access traditional phone lines or cope with high rental and installation fees charged by phone providers. You also avoid relying on outdated existing phone systems; if your business is in an older building, you may be using out of date technology for your communications – or paying a hefty fee for an upgrade.

Unlimited Calling: You’ll be using your Internet connection, so you won’t be charged by the call. If you have been coping with high phone bills due to long distance charges or the sheer amount of time your team spends on the phone, the unlimited calling aspect of VOIP can eliminate these concerns and allow you to reliably budget for the same amount each month.

Additional Features: VoIP offers more features under one single umbrella charge, so you don’t pay extra for voicemail, conferencing, and other business essentials. VOIP can also eliminate the need for other costly services, from additional lines to call waiting or conference calling.

Easy Scalability: VoIP is easy to scale to meet your unique business communications needs; you won’t have to worry about paying for more services than you need — or not having access to the services you need to run your business. VoIP scales up or down easily, making it simple to manage your communications budget and streamline your costs.

Boost Productivity with VoIP

Easy Integration with Existing Software: VoIP integrates seamlessly with your existing communications programs, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your phone calls with your email, web conferencing and other preferred communication systems such as Salesforce.  For example,  Altigen offers MaxACD for Lync Skype for Business which bridges enterprise unified communications with your VoIP telephone system.

Portable, Easy to Use Systems: Your system is portable and goes where you do, which means you can make calls from your location without heading into the office. You’ll also be able to work from home or access your system on the go.  Office moves are very easy.  As long as you have Internet, you have a phone.

Virtual or Remote Employees: Employees can access your VoIP system and speak to clients and other team members even when they are in a remote location. If you use work from home or remote location virtual workers, VoIP can save on your connectivity costs.

Improved Data Security: Unlike a traditional phone line, VoIP offers a variety of security options to keep your proprietary information safe. Encryption helps improve security and confidentiality and ensures that your proprietary data is secure.

Contact Xecunet to learn more about the ways that switching to VoIP can solve your connectivity problems – and help you save money each month. We’re here to help you stay connected and productive and are ready to discuss your specific business communication needs.