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Get Powerful Cloud Infrastructure That's Easy to Manage


Upgrade your network, storage, and IT resources with an IaaS cloud solution that works for you.

The Xecunet xCloud offers public, private, and hybrid cloud options to meet any network need. Infrastructure-as-a-service solutions make network management easy and give businesses the tools they need to succeed for one fixed, monthly cost as a managed IT service solution.

Do you struggle with these server issues?

Difficult Management – Is accessing your servers more difficult than it should be? Are OS updates delayed or behind?

Poor Capability – Can your current solution meet your business needs? Do you need more storage or power?

Variable Costs – Do you want to remove unpredictability by moving your infrastructure expenses from CapEx to OpEx?

xCloud offers tailored solutions, seamless access, and easy management through a single web-based dashboard.

Solutions include:

Public Cloud: For cloud infrastructure that’s public facing, such as web pages, web applications, or databases.

Private Cloud: For cloud infrastructure intended for internal office use only. Connections can be made by physical leased line circuits such as MPLS or FastE/GigE or through a nailed site-to-site VPN tunnel.

Hybrid Cloud: For infrastructure that’s a mix of both public and private cloud. Some of your resources may be public-facing, but some of may be isolated behind a firewall.

Features can include:

Virtual Firewall

xCloud provides a powerful, fully featured virtual firewall as a standard feature of your instance. The firewall provides ingress and egress rules, port forwarding, and optional load balancing for all of your virtual machines.

Physical Firewall

The xCloud solution allows you to implement your own physical hardware for increased security. In this scenario any firewall appliance from any firewall manufacturer can be physically connected to your xCloud infrastructure. Additionally, Xecunet offers Managed Cisco Firewall solutions.

Virtual SAN

xCloud can provide virtual Storage Area Network capabilities to your online infrastructure. Our vSAN product is based on high-availability, lightning-fast NetAPP infrastructure.

Hybrid Co-Location/Cloud

Xecunet owns and operates its own data centers, allowing us to host your legacy servers in our facilities and offer you a direct GigE connection to your cloud infrastructure. This allows you to leverage the power of a cloud-based infrastructure while maintaining your older, hardware-based systems, and easily meet any high-volume or warm data storage needs.