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Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for your Business?

Disaster RecoveryDo you have a Disaster Recovery plan?  When you first launched your small business, you may not have considered the idea that you would have to shut it down unexpectedly because of a problem accessing data from your servers. After all, you make automated backups on a regular basis and keep this data in a separate room from your main servers. Everything should be fine even if the main system goes down.

However, this scenario doesn’t account for what will happen to your information during a disaster. For example, a fire or flood could destroy your network infrastructure and leave you closed for days as you try to reconstruct the data.

Can Your Small Business Afford to Stop Operations Following a Catastrophic Data Loss?

Imagine that your employees are unable to access your databases and are being prevented from collaborating on projects. Customers or vendors trying to access your system will also be locked out.

While some individuals may be understanding about your situation and will be patient as you figure out how to recover and get your systems back online, other customers might leave your company for good because you didn’t plan to safeguard your data and ensure 24/7/365 access to it no matter what the situation.

Safe During Severe Weather

A major storm hits the area, leaving residents and business owners with little time to put down sandbags or reinforce windows against high winds. It would be a shame if a natural disaster knocked your company out of commission.

When your data resides in a remote facility kept safe from the storm, your organization can recover and resume operations, even if it means temporarily running everything with laptops from your go-to location following disasters, such as a nearby hotel or a satellite office.

Don’t Let Criminals Disrupt Your Operations

Companies that fail to maintain backups of their data in a disaster recovery site are subject to shutting down if criminals access their facility and damage the servers.

Vandals looking to deface property and burglars bent on stealing any piece of equipment that’s not locked down could bring your company to an abrupt halt. It would be a good idea to include disaster recovery services in your security plans so you can resume work more quickly after dealing with a criminal attack.

Worst Case Scenario

Prudent company owners and managers hope for the best while preparing for the worst when it comes to maintaining the pace of their daily operations. Mission-critical tasks that require employee or customer access to your database and other information can still continue if you have copies of everything stored in remote locations on redundant servers.

An extreme example of catastrophic data loss involves a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C., destroying the records of multiple organizations in an instant. While no one wants to contemplate such a nightmare scenario, you can plan ahead and ensure your information will still be accessible if you store it in a data center located outside of the blast zone. This enables an organization to resume work and help support customers after a major attack or disaster.

Partnering with Data Center Professionals for your Disaster Recovery

Determining that your organization requires off-site backup of its data in a disaster recovery site is just the first step in developing your information security protocols. You’ll need to partner with a data center company with a proven track record of uptime and responsiveness to customers. This is why so many companies in the greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area and beyond choose Xecunet to be their data center services provider.

The team at Xecunet monitors our data servers 24/7 outside of the D.C. blast zone and deploys redundant systems for maximum uptime and limited outages. In fact, our service level agreement guarantees a 99.99999% uptime, giving you greater peace of mind. For more information on using our data center or cloud services to keep your crucial information safe in remote locations for restoration after a disaster, please contact Xecunet today.