Attributes - Xecunet

Secure and Reliable, Ideally Located


Frederick organizations deal with more IT issues than they should have to.

That’s why we offer managed IT services for an affordable, fixed monthly price. Our process keeps things running smoothly, and our expert local team is always there for support when you need it.

Ideal for Small Businesses

Xecunet Managed IT services are the ideal choice for businesses that aren’t large enough to justify in-house IT personnel. The time and money you’ll save through increased uptime and productivity are well worth the reasonable investment, which is always significantly less than employing a full-time IT staff.

Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, Xecunet offers Managed IT services to businesses located within the National Capital Region (Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania).

Attributes of Xecunet’s Managed IT Services:

Incredibly Quick Responses: Get help quickly when you need it. We’re known for our responsiveness.

A Trusted Team: Get access to a team of local experts with an average of over 13 years of experience.

IT Peace of Mind: We prevent issues before they happen and keep your systems running smoothly.

Real-Time Monitoring of your Network:

Managed IT

Xecunet monitors the health, uptime, and availability of your supported desktop computers, laptops, and mission-critical servers. Our network engineers in our Network Operations Center (NOC) are alerted immediately when a problem is detected.



A Dedicated Technician Who Knows Your Company:

We assign a dedicated engineer to handle your account who gains a full understanding of your company’s specific IT needs.  With a Managed IT maintenance agreement, Xecunet will provide 24/7 emergency on-site, e-mail and telephone support for your staff. We even provide you with a dedicated telephone number to reach our help desk.  This ensures prompt, customized service.  In addition to our help desk services, we will work with you to create preventative maintenance programs to keep your network working to its full potential and identify problems well before they become an issue.

Multiple Managed IT Plans To Match Your Organizations Goals & Budget:

  • Hourly, time and material rates
  • Maintenance blocks (5-, 10- & 20-hour increments) with priority response times
  • Flat-rate, 24×7 monthly support