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Small Business turns to Managed IT

Small Business turns to Managed ITMore and more small business owners are opting to outsource critical tasks like IT support, instead of hiring in-house. Outsourcing offers several key benefits for the business owner and can help you accommodate rapid growth without resorting to hiring new employees. Savvy business owners choose managed IT services to save money and improve efficiency — and for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their network and data is secure in an increasingly complex technological environment.

Four Reasons Small Business Turns to Managed IT Services

1) To Save Money

The single largest benefit of managed IT services is the amount of money saved. If you have to hire a dedicated employee for your business, you’ll have to pay a competitive salary, offer benefits and possibly even cover education, training and certification expenses for your new hires. Depending on the size of your business and the amount of support you need, you may not always have work for your IT employee to do, but you’ll still need to pay them for the time they spend at work.

A business that uses managed IT is not responsible for healthcare, training or certification costs and receives 24x7x365 monitoring from a team, not a sole employee; the coverage provided is more comprehensive and cost-effective than hiring in-house for most small to mid-size enterprises.

2) Boosted Efficiency and Security

Workers get sick, get married, have children and go on vacation. Your best team members are only one good offer away from leaving you entirely, and replacing skilled IT professionals is expensive; some experts feel that you’ll pay about three times the worker’s annual salary to effectively replace them.

Retention aside, savvy business owners who opt for managed IT services enjoy improved efficiency and productivity. Even the best, most loyal employee won’t be watching your systems 24/7, and hackers don’t always strike during normal business hours. If you are worried about vulnerabilities or what you would do if your system went down, outsourcing your IT ensures that an entire team of trained professionals is watching out for you.

If you sell a product, accept credit cards, store customer data or even rely on your in-house database for everyday operations, you can’t afford to be shut out of your systems by ransomware or to have a data breach. For businesses worried about security and continuity, outsourced IT provides peace of mind and an excellent backup plan.

3) Enhanced Ability to Concentrate on your Core Business

Small business owners tend to do a little of everything, but at some point, you’ll need to stop trying to manage your network so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Even a single workstation with a problem can interrupt your day and derail your focus; managed IT makes your tech problems go away and lets you concentrate on the other aspects of your business plan.

4) A Level Playing Field

The big names in your industry can afford to play with the latest technology and invest in stunning web capabilities – and if you outsource, you can too. Outsourcing skilled tasks allow you to take advantage of the abilities of a highly skilled team, without the big-ticket price tag. If you’re worried about keeping up, outsourcing gives you big company skills and experience without the big company expenses.

Whether you need to free up your own time to focus on your business, are worried about your security or just want to save money on your IT tasks, our managed IT services can help. Contact us to learn how easy it is to access a customized solution for your own business and to begin enjoying the rewards of managed IT.