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Office 365: The Money Saving, Improved Communication Solution For Businesses

Office 365

Each day businesses make and receive hundreds, if not thousands, of communications. Whether it is a simple office-memo or a marketing campaign, businesses need to remain efficient in their communication efforts. While customized solutions are often out of the budget for small to medium-sized companies, Office 365 provides an affordable, enterprise-grade solution.  Xecunet, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, can provide the entire suite of Office 365 cloud software to your small business.

What Is The Office 365 Difference?
Office 365 is a value-driven communications solution that businesses can easily adopt to streamline their efforts. It offers a collection of services that can be modified to fit individual needs. In addition to offering a desktop experience, Office 365 provides a suite of cloud-based applications that can streamline business efficiencies.

The cloud-based applications are built to enhance the desktop experience. One of the most popular selling points of Office 365 is SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online provides a complete, enterprise experience that makes it easier for you, your customers, and your business partners to communicate both internally and externally. Communications and collaboration are easy to manage so that business intelligence can be shared effectively to meet established KPIs as well as project goals.

The additional benefits of SharePoint Online include”

  • The use of “My Sites” to manage and share important documents and files, while simultaneously improving project collaboration.
  • The use of “Team Sites” to keep teams in-sync, so that they can effectively meet an important project deadline.
  • The enhanced ability to remain up-to-date with the latest company rules, regulations, procedures, general information, and news via “Intranet Sites.”
  • Customers and business partners can securely share and receive documents via “Extranet Sites.”
  • Increased ability to effectively promote and market your business and brand via a public-facing website.
  • Direct access to SharePoint Online via Office 2010 (and later installments) via Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In short, SharePoint Online provides the solution needed to effectively communicate, collaborate, and meet project deadlines.

Office 365 Delivers Real-Time Communications
In addition to the many benefits already covered in this article, Office 365 provides a hosted communications infrastructure via Exchange Online and Lync Online. Exchange Online offers clients access to the following services: calendar, contacts, secure e-mail, and tasks infrastructure. In addition, Exchange Online provides the complete deployment of a proven communications platform that is compatible with Outlook desktop clients, Outlook Web Apps, and Exchange ActiveSync. The Outlook Web App is fully functional across a multitude of browsers as well as mobile devices. Its cross-platform compatibility gives the reliability and security that businesses need to effectively communicate at any time across the globe.

In conclusion, Office 365 is the enterprise-grade solution that businesses need to adopt if they want to gain a competitive edge. The wide variety of cloud-based applications, combined with the desktop programs that businesses have come to rely on, including Word, PowerPoint, Exchange, and Excel, Office 365 is truly a game-changing solution. Finally, the ability to communicate securely and effectively in real-time makes Office 365 a money saving solution. Whether you are a small business or a growing operation, Office 365 is the enterprise-grade communications solution that can greatly enhance your current and future business processes.

Contact Xecunet today and find out how Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365 can save your business money and boost communications.