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How a Managed Virtual Server Can Benefit You

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When you think of a server, what do you think of? To some business owners, the server is a black box that has to be kept from breaking down. Or, it’s the data center full of hardware that takes up space. With a managed virtual server, you can reclaim your office space while benefiting from increased performance, cost savings, and more.

Xecunet offers managed IT services to help you manage your virtual server in a worry-free environment. Our friendly IT team can help you get the most out of the following benefits.

Increased Performance

When you use a purely physical server, did you know that you’re not taking full advantage of its processing power? With a traditional server, you’re dedicating the entire system to one task or application. With a virtual server, you can run dozens of servers on the same computer with equal performance to one traditional server.

While performance depends on the workload required, a managed virtual server uses the power supply more effectively. Each virtual server can run its own virtual network, complete with operating system and applications. Every virtual server counts as one unique physical device. So off of one computer, where you could previously only run one server, you can now run several. With advanced resource controls, the system runs more efficiently than a physical server.

Less Downtime

Do you struggle with downtime? Every business owner’s worst nightmare is to hear the words, “the server’s down.” That means phone calls need to be made to the IT department and you almost certainly lose business. When you virtualize your servers, you can actually decrease the amount of downtime you have to deal with through increased redundancy. Redundancy is important to reduce downtime as it provides you with a backup should something fail.

A managed virtual server is inherently redundant. Because you have multiple servers running on one platform, if one server were to fail, another can quickly take its place. But if you have concerns about hardware failures, it’s a good idea to create a redundant virtual server on another hardware platform.

Cost Savings

Data centers are expensive to run. They require a large energy source which adds to your utilities. Plus, space itself has a cost. And if something were to break, you’d have to call in an outside IT department to fix it. This could mean waiting for ordered parts and paying a premium to get your servers (and your business!) back online.

Let’s get back to a managed virtual server. With virtual servers, now you can run multiple servers on one hardware platform. You don’t need any more space than your server already takes up. This halves not only the cost of the space but also your energy bill and the maintenance cost.

Instead of bringing in outside IT help in an emergency situation, you can also work with virtual private server solutions. Xecunet offers hosting services for your server. With VPS solutions, you’ll receive high-performance storage powered by NetApp, redundant server clusters, and snapshot backups. No longer will you have to worry about the cost of space or your energy bill. Instead, you’ll have access to the information you need at an affordable price.

Software Testing Applications

Many companies prefer to test new software before deploying it office-wide. This can become complicated if you don’t have a set space to test it out. How far do you implement it for a test? Can you restrict the software to just a few computers or users?

When you’re dealing with managed virtual servers, testing out new software applications is much easier. You can test out your new software on just one virtual server with minimal fuss. Because you have redundant servers, if your new software goes disastrously wrong, you have a recovery server quickly available.

Get the Expert Help You Need

Virtual servers offer your business plenty of benefits- especially when you work with a hosted service. When you work with a hosted service, you don’t have to worry about upkeep, maintenance, or the space a server will take up in your office. Instead, you can leave all of that to the experts and still get all the benefits of server virtualization.

Whether you need 1 GB or 32 GB of RAM, our customizable packages are right for you. With Xecunet, you get the best software available by leasing out all Microsoft software on a monthly basis. You’ll always have the best software for your servers— at a low cost.

If you’re ready to let go of your IT worries, contact Xecunet today.