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Xecunet & WeatherSTEM Partnership

Xecunet | WeatherSTEM Partnership

Xecunet has partnered with WeatherSTEM to install a state-of-the-art weather instrument at our Frederick, MD data center facility and company headquarters.  With sensors measuring atmospheric data every minute, the WeatherSTEM instrument will alert our network engineers and customers when severe weather is present.  Having access to this information, for example, will assist us in planning for above-average temperatures that may necessitate additional cooling in our data centers.

Because the WeatherSTEM data is free and accessible to the public, Frederick, Maryland also benefits from the same data as Xecunet and its customers. By downloading WeatherSTEM’s free iPhone or Android app, Frederick, MD residents can sign up for real-time weather updates and alerts on their phones. They can go to Xecunet’s new WeatherSTEM Twitter account and Facebook page for alerts and updates. They can set up a free WeatherSTEM account to create custom and personalized weather notifications. They can even view photos of the overhead sky above I-270 and view a daily, time-lapse weather movie that is posted to YouTube at the end of each day.

While Frederick and its nearby residents benefit from this weather data, other communities benefit too. The system’s forecasts and measurements are available to weather experts nationwide. This means that researchers can use the data to better understand the weather. Partners like Weather Underground can use the data to create more accurate forecasts, and all the data can be integrated with other weather networks.

How to view Xecunet’s WeatherSTEM data

Webpage http://frederick.weatherstem.com/xecunet
Twitter https://twitter.com/XecunetWxSTEM
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Xecunet-Weatherstem-971447446244247/

About WeatherSTEM: WeatherSTEM is an integration of weather stations, collected and distributed atmospheric data, and STEM-based curriculum for grades K-12. A variety of weather and agricultural sensors measure readings every minute, and these measurements are stored in the cloud, freely accessible for research and analysis using WeatherSTEM’s data mining tools. A growing library of standards-aligned lessons and activities use live data for teaching and learning. Each installation also comes with a customized weather portal that provides current readings, forecasts, lightning detection, alerts, and much more. Download the WeatherSTEM Media Kit.