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Small Businesses Earn Big Wins by Outsourcing IT to an MSP

Companies overwhelmingly rely on some level of IT support to keep them afloat in today’s technology age. Many large organizations employ an entire wing of IT support and that team works to maximize the benefits of all things digital. But mom and pop outfits, small businesses and even medium-sized companies also have pressing IT needs.

Without the vast resources of a Fortune 500 company or a massive hospital, they are tasked with finding a budget-friendly solution to part-time IT support. The answer is often working with a managed service provider or MSP.

Organizations generally work out a monthly or flat fee arrangement with an MSP outfit. IT services may involve regular computer maintenance, software updates, and emergency services. Other companies, that believe their IT needs are minimal at best, may opt to pay per hour rates only when the necessity arises. These are sometimes called “break-fix” IT support agreements.

Break-fix agreements tend to be less fruitful to an outfit’s bottom line than monthly contracts. They are a lot like waiting until your car breaks down to have it repaired, rather than take it to the mechanic for regular checkups and service. One might call this approach “penny wise and dollar foolish,” so to speak.

Regardless of business acumen, MSPs are an invaluable asset for small- and medium-sized businesses. The outsourced IT support can help efficiently manage critical operational elements that include the following.

  • Information Technologies
  • HIPAA or PCI compliance
  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Purchase and Sales

A quality relationship with an MSP resource allows businesses to outsource functions that would ordinarily require a full- or part-time employee and the expenses that come with the position. But beyond saving a few bucks, the right MSP can bring a wealth of benefits to your organization.

An MSP Provides Expert IT Support

The inclination to tap someone to run your technology who self-proclaims they “know computers” is an impulse that should be squarely resisted. Many people can run a couple of cables and click on a malware scan.

When your system goes on the fritz and digitally maintained records and systems become damaged, that’s a problem. Working with an MSP on an ongoing basis provides professional IT support so that things do not go south.

An expert MSP specialist can also work with you and key company stakeholders to focus on best practices and next steps as your outfit grow. Outsourcing to a professional IT support specialist brings knowledge about the latest industry trends and innovations into your organization.

MSPs Are Cost-Effective

The global expenditure on IT support runs upwards of $3.7 trillion annually and is expected to increase by more than 4 percent. The cost of IT will only increase as more and more tasks are digitized. That’s not bad news for most companies. Technology tends to drive down costs overall.

Think about MSP in terms of your technology systems going down for two hours. How much money would that cost in wasted resources? Picture an entire staff sitting around drinking lattes without anything to do and you’re paying them! That’s just dollar foolish and dollar foolish.

MSPs Provide Proactive IT Solutions

A study reported by Business Insider concluded that more than half of all companies see time constraints as the primary reason they do not implement cutting-edge and up-to-date technologies. That may be because business leaders are laser-focused on their area of expertise as a revenue and team driver. Contracting with an external MSP allows decision-makers to review recommendations, approve and act upon next steps that further company goals. Simply put, an MSP will keep you ahead of the tech curve.

MSPs Create Positive Business Change

One of the first steps an MSP can accomplish for any organizations is undertaking a comprehensive review of all of your methods and correlating systems.

On the one hand, you may think that you have a top-notch staff that knows what they are doing. But, in reality, they are probably not IT experts. For example, the gap between being a terrific payroll person and being an IT specialist is a space where savings can be gained. An MSP can work closely with your team to bridge such gaps and make your company run like clockwork.

At the end of the day, everyday companies need help with technology. Teaming up with a managed service provider brings the perks of having an IT team under your roof without the high cost.