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How Microsoft Office 365 Can Benefit Your Small Business

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a way to keep your small business connected at all times — safely and efficiently. This subscription service works with the latest Microsoft Office products to enhance productivity. There are 1.2 billion users who use some type of Microsoft Office product, and 60 million users who use Office 365. Stay connected to your potential clients (and profitable) when you choose 365.

Work Where You Are

For all those who have (and love) Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, Office 365 gives you an easy way to work on, share, and edit these programs from wherever you are. With 365, you get all the benefits of the cloud to get more done. No matter where you are, you can access your files without installing the programs on your computer. A nasty snowstorm, a missed flight connection, a sick child — nothing slows you down. All you need is an internet connection and you have access to the most popular office software.

Better Security

Major retailers may get all the press when there’s a security breach, but 43% of all attacks are on small businesses. Office 365 has the security you need to put as many layers between your data and criminals. While no system is 100% fool-proof, Office 365 keeps your small business compliant at all times. Safety features like encryption keep sensitive data from making its way to prying eyes. This can save you thousands of dollars in fees if you’re audited, or your livelihood if a hacker somehow makes their way into your systems.

Skip the Licensing Drama

Microsoft Office is a fantastic product, but there are so many versions that it can get confusing. When you’re not sure who’s using what across the office, it can become very frustrating very quickly. Productivity can be slowed down when one person’s computer can perform a certain task that their co-workers can’t. Office 365 brings everyone on the same page. Everyone gets the same updates and the same licensing details, so you don’t have to worry.

Better Backup

Along with better security, you get better backups to your data. If you work from your laptop and it melts down, you have 1TB of online storage to save it all. If your phone is broken or stolen, you can instantly wipe your phone and then retrieve the data from the cloud. With Office 365, you stay on regardless of what happens. There’s also more storage space on your email, so you won’t have to keep cleaning out your inbox every time you get a spike in business!

Organize Your Work

Office 365 syncs everything together, so your small business has the tools it needs to be a success. There’s no doubt you’ve developed workaround solutions when there are gaps in the information between your email, calendar, and contact list. By choosing 365, you practically eliminate the chances of making a mistake or losing important details. The next time you have something important you need to save, just update one of your devices. As soon as you do this, all information is transferred to the rest of your devices. It’s these types of benefits that can really turn a small business into a powerhouse.

A Subscription for Everyone

If your small business is the only place to be during the summer but fairly dead during the winter, Office 365 has a plan for you. The billing process lets you add or subtract the number of users based on what you need. This type of flexibility allows you to scale your business without wasting any of your precious budgets. Maybe some companies can afford the bandwidth whether they’re on fire or not, but most smaller companies don’t have that type of financial freedom.

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