Website Wednesday!

Every Wednesday Xecunet picks a topic and then polls it’s staff to find the best places on the web related to that topic.  This week we asked:

“What is your favorite website to go to when you need a laugh?”

Debra Harris, our office manager submitted two responses (apparently she needs to laugh…a lot?). “The titles and comments made on these pictures are hilarious. When I’m in a foul mood or just want a laugh this is the site I will most often visit” “This never seems to get old for me. I’ve even submitted pictures myself. Great way to get your laugh on!” Note to self: make sure you are looking behind you when walking through Walmart, you never know when Debra will be behind you taking pictures.

Jerry Bye, Technical Support Manager at Xecunet, submitted two as well. and because “some people are idiots, and the depths of their stupidity is amazing.” Note to self: If he says this on a blog, imagine what he is saying behind your back?! 😉

Bart Lewis, a sales engineer here at Xecunet said “I enjoy when I want a laugh. This is a funny site where people kludge together repairs for common household problems.”

Aaron Deck, a technical support rep here at Xecunet says “ is good “g” rated funny video site, kinda like America’s funniest home videos.” Who doesn’t love watching a kid kicking dad in the groin?!

Have a site you love to go to?  Mention it in the comments, we sure could use a laugh! 😉