Website Wednesday

Every Wednesday Xecunet picks a topic and then polls it’s staff to find the best places on the web related to that topic.  This week we asked:

“What is your favorite website to go to for the latest news and information?”

Bob Beach, who works in our cable division was the first out of the gate when he blurted out because “I like their business stories.” Note: This might be the shortest sentence EVER blurted out by Bob Beach

Bart Lewis, a sales engineer here at Xecunet says “I like to get my news from .It is a crowd sourced aggregator site. It get a ton of news before it hits the main stream sites.”

Alice MacWha from insides sales simply says “Fox News – Fair and Balanced.  :)”

Jerry Bye nearly exploded with tons of responses for this weeks question and gives his virtual map to the Internet:

Slashdot – “Great for tech news.”
CNN – “…just because I haven’t found any single site I like.”
Huffington Post – “Used to be great, before AOL bought them, now they just link to AOL ‘stories’.”
Reddit – “…user submitted links to current events.  Basically the best of the internet delivered to your doorstep.”

So there you have it.  A lot of these sites are pretty well known, but maybe you have never heard of reddit before?  Until next week, stay informed people! 😉