Greetings Everyone! Have an amazing April

Greetings Everyone,

Just thought I’d take minute to introduce myself, my name is Nicholas Levasseur (friends call me Nick), I’m the newest addition to the family. I joined with in early November as the Evening Data Center & Support Tech, and have recently graduated to Community Manager. Among my daily and nightly duties of supporting our clients and monitoring the data center, I am also responsible for handling the on-line communities such as Facebook, Twitter, our Blog, and more. Making friends and communicating/interacting with others has always been something I enjoy doing and always has come very easy to me. I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you in the days to come.

I hope if there’s anything I can assist you in, you know you can always call support, e-mail us, contact us through our website, and now contact me directly through the various Social Media platforms we participate in. I love being apart of the family and I hope all of you feel the same way. We truly do see our customers as the most important element of the business and it shows because without you, we would just be another bunch of geeks with all of our geeky computer equipment.

We easily have the best group of clients I’ve ever seen. Servicing you is so important that we will always utilize live support and those individuals will be always be very knowledgeable, not reading from a call screen feeding you answers from a pre-made knowledge base.  The other techs and I have been doing this long enough, that while each of us has our different strengths and weaknesses, we are all experts when it comes to computer technologies and servicing our clients. We all love what we do and it makes a huge difference in terms of quality of service and attitude, and communication with the client.

I like to think of everyone here, including our clients, as part of a unique family called I hope each of you feels the same way. Feel free to find me on Twitter and Facebook and follow or friend me, my handle is XecunetNick. Thank you for your time and I’m hoping each of you has an amazing month of April!

Nick Levasseur
Community Manager
(301) 682-9972   x 350