Friday Five.

In our inaugural Friday Five I am speaking with Andy Yoder at Airfacts, Inc. Airfacts has been an Xecunet customer for almost two years. They currently have several racks co-located at our facility. Now, on with the questions.

1. What does Airfacts do?

AirFacts, Inc. audits tickets issued for commercial airlines (US Airways, Alaska Airlines, etc.) to identify under-priced fares, inaccurate commissions, uncollected taxes, exchange errors, non-refundable refunds, and unreported sales, among other ticket violations for the purposes of recovering revenue for our clients.

2. Why do you need co-location?

We need collocation for many reasons, including the need for an environment that provides redundant access to electricity & HVAC, direct access to internet via multiple provides, and our own adherence to security and best practices standards such as PCI and SAS70.

3. What were you looking for in a provider?

We needed a provider who could provide all our needs, with capable fail-over systems at an affordable price, reasonable Service Level Agreement and convenient location.

4. Why did you choose Xecunet?

AirFacts had been co-located with a large tier-one provider, and the service was unbearable, with lots of red-tape to get any changes to our environment completed.  We required a new location and Xecunet met all of our requirements.

5. What has your Xecunet experience been like?

Working with Xecunet has been excellent.  AirFacts especially appreciates that we have a personal relationship with several key personnel at Xecunet and we cut through the normal bureaucracy of larger companies and just get work done.

So there you have it! I want to thank Andy for his time. If you are interested in finding out more about the services that Airfacts has to offer please check out their website at Be sure to check in next Friday when I interview John Fleischauer from Crofessionals.