Why Being a Local IT Company Matters

Does locality matter in IT services?

There are plenty of industries where the benefits of proximity are obvious – or, at least, well-known. Most people, for example, prefer to eat food that’s sourced locally (and even if you don’t have a strong preference, you can probably appreciate the arguments that are made for it).

But there are also plenty of industries where the benefits of proximity aren’t as well-known, even if they’re impactful.

IT is one of those industries. Choosing a local IT company positively impacts the quality of service you receive.

Here’s why.

1. Local IT companies can respond more quickly.

This is straightforward but critical: IT companies that are local are able to respond more quickly with onsite support than IT companies that aren’t.

Here at Xecunet, for instance, onsite help is always a quick phone call away; dial our office with an issue, and you’ll talk (through your own dedicated support line) to a technician who’s familiar with your context. When we show up, we don’t have to get familiar with your systems before we get to work. We’ve been there before.

Additionally, a ticket can be easily escalated if the need arises. So, if you report what seems to be a minor issue only for it to quickly spiral into a major one, we can transfer our response from helpdesk to onsite in a matter of minutes.

Non-local companies, on the other hand, may not even have boots on the ground near Frederick and that will make a quick response logistically impossible. If a ticket escalates into onsite needs – well, tough luck.

Some companies may compensate for this by tapping into local contractors as needs arise. But in these situations, even high-level contractors are required to learn your setup on the fly, while subpar contractors may not even be fully competent to provide the support you need.

The bottom line is that local IT companies can simply respond to your needs more quickly.

2. Local IT companies don’t lose your needs in bureaucracy.

Additionally, local IT companies are less prone to the pitfalls of bureaucracy that tend to plague national providers.

The larger the scale, the greater the possibility that your information is lost in translation somewhere within the organizational hierarchy. This is the frustration you feel when you call your cable company and speak to three different reps as you try to get one thing done.

The best national IT providers are able to minimize information loss through a dedicated focus on customer service. That’s legitimately helpful, but at a certain scale, bureaucracy on some level is inevitable.

Local companies simply have an inherent advantage, because, when you call us, your issue won’t be passed through five people. Often, the first person you call will be able to take care of your needs.

Your needs matter. With local IT, they won’t be lost somewhere in the gears of a corporate machine.

3. Local IT companies are founded on relationships.

Finally, proximity matters in IT for a reason that’s less quantifiable but still impactful: local IT companies are built on relationships and trust.

Again, at a certain scale, relationships are hard to facilitate. You can often tell by the way you’re communicated with that you’re more of a number in a queue than a person with prioritized needs. National providers simply aren’t able to deliver service at a relational level.

At Xecunet, we prioritize your needs. We’re based here in Frederick. We live with you. We don’t want to provide you with subpar service and then see you at the supermarket. No, that’s not an easily-quantifiable benefit – but it’s definitely real.

Ready to Work with a Frederick IT Company?

Look, here’s the bottom line – for some businesses, choosing a large IT provider may be a workable solution. But working with a large provider will never result in the same level of service that you’d receive working with a Frederick company.

If you’re ready to get the service you deserve, let’s talk.

At Xecunet, we’ve been providing Frederick businesses with IT solutions for over twenty years. We’re honored to serve the Frederick community with technology support that empowers business success: from virtual private server management, to cloud hosting, to on-site support, we offer managed IT service that gives local businesses peace of mind.

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