The Value of Frederick IT Services

Does locality matter in IT services?

It’s an interesting question that’s shaped by our perceptions of technology and service. The value of buying local goods is fairly tangible; it’s possible to quantify the benefits of “eating local” and “shopping local” in terms of reduced supply chains and environmental benefits. But are there benefits to choosing local services in an age where technology allows for communication over any distance and you can access remote help from anywhere in the world?

More specifically, does it really make a difference to choose Frederick IT services?

We believe the answer is “yes” – for reasons both quantifiable and qualitative. Here’s why.

1. Frederick IT services can get people on-site faster.

Remote help is helpful, but it isn’t everything. When nuanced or complex issues come up, on-site support is essential in navigating and resolving them.

That’s true across a variety of contexts. Problems that a remote desk would spend hours working through over the phone are often resolved by an on-site technician in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, remote support may simply be insufficient in remedying a situation. If hardware, for example, is affected – whether through employee error, extensive use, or even an extreme weather event – on-site support will be needed.

Remote support can only go so far. And, when compared against regional competitors who may be based closer toward DC or Baltimore, there’s no doubt that Frederick IT service providers can get technicians on-site at Frederick businesses faster.

And really, traffic is a terrible excuse for more downtime.

2. Frederick IT services can better facilitate user training.

Secondly, Frederick IT services are better equipped to offer user training on the technologies and tools they service.

Yes, a virtual IT solution can offer support on software and potentially even provide training materials in the form of videos or written instructions – but it will be difficult for them to lead training sessions or provide hands-on instruction on system usage to employees. People simply learn better from other people.

And learning how to best use and maintain your technology is critical. IT people tend to joke that systems would work great if it weren’t for the people using them. While there’s a level of truth to this, it’s usually because users weren’t trained well by IT in the first place.

Good training matters. It can boost productivity, protect against inefficient (or even dangerous) system usage, and, ultimately, empower businesses and their people to take full advantage of the tools they’re investing in.

And the bottom line is that Frederick IT services are able to provide better training to Frederick businesses than non-local providers would be.

3. Frederick IT services offer better service.

Finally, Frederick IT services offer a higher level of service.

Admittedly, “better service” isn’t as easily-quantifiable as factors like response time or on-site training hours. But it’s real benefit to choosing a local provider.

Regional or national providers aren’t incentivized to maintain a local reputation in the same way that Frederick businesses are. There’s a psychological aspect at play here: we’re all part of the same Frederick community. This leads to an inherent level of trust that plays out in local IT service that’s simply better.

It’s more focused on providing for business needs as opposed to selling a solution. It’s better able to understand and prepare for the impact of community trends on technology needs. It’s more empathetic.

Put succinctly, we live with you. We don’t want to provide you with subpar service and then see you at the supermarket. No, that’s not an easily-quantifiable benefit – but it’s definitely real.

Get Better Service with a Frederick IT Provider

Locality does matter – and it will continue to matter.

The truth is that IT service (like all service) is relationship-oriented, and locality makes relationships easier. For IT services, that takes form in tangible benefits like faster response time and available training hours, but it’s also realized in benefits that are more abstract – like trust.

Do you trust your IT systems? Do you fully trust your provider?

If you aren’t sure, we’re here to help. At Xecunet, we’ve been providing Frederick businesses with IT solutions for over twenty years. We’re honored to serve the Frederick community with technology support that empowers business success. Virtual private server management, to cloud hosting, to on-site support, we offer managed IT service that gives local businesses peace of mind.

If you’re ready for Frederick IT services that result in more dependable systems, let’s talk.