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Xecunet & WeatherSTEM Partnership

Xecunet has partnered with WeatherSTEM to install a state-of-the-art weather instrument at our Frederick, MD data center facility and company headquarters.  With sensors measuring atmospheric data every minute, the WeatherSTEM instrument will alert our network engineers and customers when severe weather is present.  Having access... Read More

About the Heartbleed Vulnerability

The HeartBleed vulnerability was recently announced and affects OpenSSL (the open source software that encrypts the traffic to and from the majority of websites around the world) exposes a wide range of critical data to potential attackers. To quote from heartbleed.com: “The Heartbleed bug allows anyone... Read More

Xecunet Products & Services

It’s hard to believe that another year is upon us.  In the past few months, Xecunet has added additional redundant power and UPS to our Frederick, Maryland facility, as well as additional rack space.  In the first quarter of the new year we will:  ... Read More

Load Bank Testing

It was a very exciting day at Xecunet. We had a load bank test performed on our generators. Why load bank test? This test is designed to run a generator at full capacity for a four hour test period to ensure it is working correctly.... Read More

Power is Important!

In the computer world, if you don’t have power, you are in big trouble.  Many people in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland area have acquired an intimate knowledge of this fact over the past month due to outages related to severe weather.  In some cases, the... Read More